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My contract agent called to let me know I was selected for the job. So I sent references, which the client company will check, and the agency will send me release forms so they can do the usual background checks. I told her I hadn't killed anyone since breakfast, and she said that was a good start, but they need to know for the past 5 years. I don't remember killing anyone during that time, but I have forgotten a lot of things I did that long ago.

Taking the bureaucratic stuff into account, we're hoping for a start date a week from Monday, so October 12.

The last time I was laid off was August 16, 2001 and was out of work till December 10, so a week short of 4 months. This time it will be two weeks past 4 months. Considering 9/11 happened just in time to clobber the job market after that 2001 layoff, the current depression appears to be the hands-down winner.
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