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Tanks for the Memories

Celebrated the "whew! I don't have to move to a smaller cheaper apartment!" by buying an aquarium stand, some gravel, plastic plants, a divided betta tankette, some anacharis and four small pearl gouramis for a project I have been putting off for months.

To whit:

Set up the tankette with plastic plants & gravel. Pour the water from the 2-gallon betta tank into it, and transfer the young, straight female betta into one half of it. Rescue the older, butch female betta from the Gourami/Africans 10-gallon tank and put it in the other half of the tankette. Place tankette on the 2nd knick-knack shelf (between the livingroom and the kitchen) and position the 2-gal. tank for cleaning and storage.

Assemble the tank stand. Much hammering was required, but not much intellect. Kind of like the WSU football team.

Remove the floor fan from on top of the sub-woofer, and place it in the dining room

Slide the sub-woofer the 3 inches or so needed to put it flush with the knick-knack shelves. Place the left speaker on top of the sub-woofer. Move the right speaker about 4 inches to the right. Move the TV stand/equipment cabinet flush against the right speaker.

Vacuum the carpet space created by these moves, then place the tank stand between the left speaker/sub-woofer and the TV stand.

Take the empty 5-gal. tank from the bottom knick-knack shelf and place it on the bottom rack of the tank stand

Disconnect all hoses and unplug all wires from the 10-gallon tank. Remove the cover. Do my best Steve Reeves impression and lift the full-of-water/fish/plants/rocks/castle tank and carry it the two feet to the tank stand, and slide it into place. Re-connect all the hoses and wires, using gaffer's tape to secure the two power strips to their new positions behind and on top of the TV stand (where they won't get wet if the tanks spill, like in a quake). Put the cover back on, and plug in the lamp.

Take the 10 lbs. of multicolored gravel and wash it in a plastic bowl in the sink. Put the sink cover in place so more gravel doesn't get into the disposal unit. Dump the gravel into the 5-gallon tank. Insert the 5 plastic plants into the gravel. Fill my soup cauldron with water and add the appropriate number of drops of water conditioner. Dump the water into the 5-gal. tank. Discover that the cauldron is too big to fit between the top tank and the bottom tank. Put the cauldron on the knick-knack shelf and siphon the water into the tank. Repeat 3x until tank is almost full.

Place the bag with the new pearl gouramis into the 5-gal. tank.

Take the floor fan out of the dining room and put it in front of the right speaker/sub-woofer. Plug it in. Point it at the recliner. Turn it on. Recline.

Wait half an hour, open the gourami bag and pour the gouramis and water into the 5-gal. tank. Siphon off about a pint of water. Remove two bunches of anacharis from the bag and place in the 10-gal. tank. Place the other two in the 5-gal. tank.

Think about making the 5-gal. tank the gourami tank, so the ready-to-breed African cichlids can have the 10-gal. tank to themselves. Decided the 10-gal. gouramis would eat the pearl gouramis, being 4x their size. The Africans will do just fine protecting their nest.

So now that's done.

Tomorrow: expecting a different type of automatic litterbox to be delivered, will install it in place of one of the ones on the balcony, and see how wrong the "don't need to touch it for 30 days" claim is.
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