Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Scanning Fever

Been spending most of the evening scanning old photos. Found some negatives from my Peace Corps days, and have been using the scanner's built-in film loader and excellent software to make those digital. It's a long process though, about 15 minutes a strip (5 frames), but mostly automatic.

In other toys news, when the CD player in the car stereo broke, I replaced it with the one I'd pulled out when I "upgraded" to HD radio. It has a USB port, which I thought was for something non-audio, but turns out I can load up a thumb drive with MP3s and it'll play it, displaying title and album info. Kewl. Only thing is it can't handle a full 1GB drive, it takes forever to read it, so I've stuck with my favorite 6 Jimmy Buffet CDs' worth on one drive, and found a 128Mb one which has Wicked and Avenue Q. Sounds almost as good as a CD, at 320 kbps. I'm impressed.

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