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The Latest Poop

Litterbox replacement, the one which uses the pretty blue crystals and claims no-touch for 30 days, arrived this afternoon, I took one of the clumping litter ones out of service, did some sweeping where it had been (they leak) and put the new one in place. Domino has toured it twice but did do anything in it, Pumpkin has looked at it and walked away to the older one.

Reading the manual, it seems it's only 2 weeks no-touch if there are two cats. Fair enough.

Domino did trip the sensors, and I have to say the new one is very quiet. Can't hear the motor at all from 3 feet away, but can hear the clap-like noise as the poop compartment snaps back into place halfway through the rake run (it has magnets to hold it in place).

Will give it a few days, if it looks like it is working I'll get a second one, and retire the original two, which are noisy and messy and jam all the time.

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