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Weird Dream Channel

Shortest dream ever. I'm driving down the back-to-back carports at the apartment complex, and see a woman in a white van with a silver steel flatbed trailer backing out of her parking space into my path. My window is down, I yell "I have the right of way, lady!" And think to myself that a person backing up has to yield. She continues to back up until the trailer is just touching the car in the opposite carport, and I hit the trailer with a mild clunk at maybe 1/2 a mph.

The next thing I know she is maneuvering in a way which gets the trailer into the driving lane, and I keep pulling forward, trying to block her exit, the idea being to get out of my car and yell at her up close and personal while I have her blocked in. But the van/trailer turns into a white tow truck, which she gracefully backs out of the parking spot and speeds off on her way.

Which is when I wake up thinking "WTF?" How did a tow truck fit into that tiny parking spot?

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