Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Missions Accomplished, Lesson Learned

This morning as I went to move the stack of contract papers from the floor to the file cabinet, I discovered in the worst possioble way that cat barf is the perfect solvent for inkjet ink. Sometime during the night one of my felines left an 8½x11 calling card smack dab in the center of the pages I'd faxed to the contract agent. No worries, they need to send me back the counter-signed ones, and I have everything on the computer except one of the forms which had to be filled out long-hand.

Landlord called, asking if I was still using autopay for the rent. Yup, and they deducted it from my account on the 1st. He called back, he had forgotten to check the mail Saturday, it was there. Still, 3 days late, so I sent a note to BofA which they replied with "so give us an earlier deliver-by date" instead of the expected "we're sorry, we screwed up, it won't happen again".

Took the laundry to the laundromat, my excuse being I didn't have enough quarters for the apartment machines, and if I was going to go get change, I may as well take the laundry with me. There's a coffee shop and a couple of places to have lunch in the same shopping area, so...

From there to Walmart, where allegedly there was a Goodwill drop-off. Went shopping first, got 3 out of the 4 things on my list, and (miracle of miracles) nothing else. Found the Goodwill drop at the other end of the 4-square-block shopping center.

Thence to JCP for a wallet. Was surprised that the Stafford brand no longer makes the model I have been buying for the past 25 years, but Dockers does, and it was on sale. Almost bought something else, but resisted temptation. Checked out the new food court, which is 3/4 dark with signs of impending Thai food. Maybe in my lifetime. Bought a sandwich & cola at the Italian deli, because I felt sorry for them being in the dark with no business.

Home, my PRO souvenir envelope was in the mailbox, I'd better warn Mom & Uncle Dave to not open theirs (it's an empty envelope, collector's item worth more unopened).

The sky is clear, if it stays that way till 6 I'll drive up to San Mateo for another set of full moon shots, this time with the 300mm lens, high ISO settings and fast shutter speeds.

Plans for tomorrow:
Caltrain, BART & Muni to Cal Academy of Sciences

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