Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Schmooze Cruise

Picked up the baritone horn from repair, it works okay. Spent most of the afternoon at a theater buddy's house schmoozing. He's very entertaining, and it gave both of us a chance to get out of hermit mode a bit. We went out for an early dinner, when I dropped him off it was rush hour so I parked at a Starbucks till traffic cleared, came home with a stop to deposit my unemployment check, and skimmed through three foreign language DVDs from Netflix. They all had their moments, but also much angst and filler and needless Faulknerian family entanglements.

Plans for tomorrow:
Flu shot
NASA Ames at around 7 pm for the LCROSS event, I have a ticket to stay overnight for the actual 4:30 am or so impact. Will be bringing my Seahawks stadium jacket, gloves, a bedroll, and some water & munchies. They will have some food for sale there, but I expect long lines for that.

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