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Some Random Thoughts & Gripes

Mancini Sleep Works. Sleep Train. Mattress Factory. Why are they advertising as if everyone buys a new bed twice a day? IMHO a major factor in the death of GM was the huge waste of revenue on massive advertising, which the new owners have not put a stop to - why not? Speaking of which, I called Geico, and 15 minutes would have cost me 200%. And who does the Progressive Insurance spokesmodel's lipstick?

Sold my D80 on eBay for barely more than the starting bid. The D300 didn't sell, it's been re-listed. If it doesn't go this time, I'll try my photo meetup groups.

Should the Nobel Prize for chemistry go to the person who invented Snapple™?

Why didn't the Nobel physics prize ever go to George de Mestral ?

It is only a matter of time before Barbara Bush is recognized by the Nobel Literature prize committee. Speaking of which, I understand the only thing standing in the way of a Michael Jackson autobiography is locating a good ghost writer.

I think I'll stop there. It's time to take my meds and check the litterbox.

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