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The Weird Dream Channel Times Two

Not a dream:
Yesterday while I was shopping in Target, my cell phone rang, and it was a friend from the early 70's whom we shall call "Z". She is the daughter of the high school drama teacher in a town where I was the news editor of the weekly paper in 1974-75, and we had a short fling when I visited her in 1977 at the army base where she was stationed. We've kept in touch, especially after she left the army and started a computer training and repair business. She's in Spokane, WA.

She called because she had a dream about me. In the dream, she had flown to Japan for my wedding. I was marrying two Japanese women. She said they were peeved that she was there, because they suspected that I was going to marry all three of them. On waking, she was even more confused because she knows I have never been to Japan, but have lived in Thailand.

a dream tonight:
Z calls, her printer won't print. I psychically see that the USB cable is unplugged. Using telekinesis I plug it back in, and tell her to recycle the power on the printer. She says it's working now, "it's magic" I reply. She thanks me.

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