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I've thought about maxing out the RAM in my home PC for a while now, went to Microcenter to see how expensive it would be, and it was much less than I thought. So I bought 8GB of 1066MHz DDR2 memory to replace the 4GB of 800MHz in the machine. Installed it after the 49er game, it took about 5 minutes, no problems at all. I don't see the speed improvement I was hoping for, but this is mostly to get ready for Windows 7 and 64-bit mode. The plan is to backup everything, wipe the C: drive and put on Windows 7 as a clean 64-bit install. I have no idea when I will actually do this.

In other news, my Mom spent a couple of days in the hospital thanks to a "friends" in her apartment complex who left their "don't panic" buttons on their other shawls. She made the mistake of telling them she had some pains here and there, and they made the mistake of going to the front desk and calling an ambulance. Which took her to the wrong hospital, which did all kinds of scans and blood tests, then transferred her to the right hospital, where they continued the tests, finding nothing. One of the disadvantages of living in a seniors apartment. They have a nurse on site, who apparently didn't find out about it till the ambulance had driven away. She called me sounding like Mom was near death, both of us left messages for my nearest sister, who called the appropriate doctors and relayed the non-news to us. I chatted with Mom tonight, she's home, feeling no better or worse.

This morning's project was cleaning the automated litterbox which has been retired. My hands smelled like Clorox® all day. I wonder if an animal shelter would take it as a donation? Meanwhile I ordered a second crystal litter one, which will replace the clumping litter one. Maybe.


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