Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Vista 64 is installed, Quickly

After hours of backups and copying files, it only took 20 minutes to install Vista 64. Then another 2 hours copying files back from my backup drive. I am glad I did the drag-and-drop copy because Vista 64 didn't recognize the backup set I'd made with Vista 32. I have no idea why, will have to send a nastygram to MSFT tech sports.

And here we are 4 hours after the install, and I have my basic programs re-installed. Once I put in the right display driver, Photoshop CS4 64-bit really zips along.

It still takes too long to boot up and shut down, but not as long as before. Opening and closing programs is a lot faster. It'll probably get slower as I add more apps, but it's definitely faster than when I first installed 32.

Took me a while to put the hack in place which logs me without needing a password. I'd forgotten to write down the exact syntax.

Everything installed a lot faster too. Nice to have 8GB of 1066MHz Ram.

Sleepy time...

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