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Yetserday work was wall to wall meetings, today will mostly be reading all the docs harvested from those meeetings. It sounds worse than it is:
- Started the morning taking a 7-minute drive from my office to the place where I'll be helping build a lab. Met a very valuable member of my group (S) who is one of the field experts for the project.
- Back to the office for a TOI (transfer of information aka brain dump) from H, one of the original testers
- Drove 6 minutes to security to get my badge
- Quick break to take a package to the PO
- Back to the office to meet with S and U (U is my team mentor) about planning the lab
- S left, H joined us to continue the TOI
- H left, S returned and N, the project lead, joined us to answer U & S's questions from our earlier meeting
And that took us up to after 5 pm
- Back to my desk to answer a message from the contract agency & organize my email

Still installing apps after the clean install of Vista-64. Nero is taking a long time. Now that I have a badge, I don't need to get to work by 8:30 for the admin to let me in, so I can do a litle more this morning than the last few days.

Had a network glitch last night, Comcast lost DNS connectivity, none browsers could not find web sites. Had to reboot the cable modem.
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