Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Cash not Cache

Lea Salonga, one of my favorite singers/Actresses, has been doing a widely scattered series of concerts in the US (She usually only does concerts in the Philippines, and saves the US engagements for musicals and Disney voice-overs).  I follow her on Twitter, and yesterday she wrote she was at Cache Creek Casino for two nights. I would have driven up there to see her in concert, but some webberizing showed that the concerts are so sold out that they have taken her off the web page. I'm guessing the waiting list has a waiting list. So instead of driving up there, I came home after this morning's LUNAR model rocket launch at NASA, and finished installing apps on the newly 64-bitterized PC. Windoze 7 Advisor says I am now good for a direct upgrade to 64-bit 7. After that was done, I went to an ATM and got some cash. If I wanted the full effect I could go to the laundromat and put $20 into the change machine. That always reminds me of hitting a jackpot on a quarters slot machine.

One more update is running in the background - I had tried to install the Thai language pack a couple of days ago but it failed. Maybe because I had not invoked the Thai keyboard feature. That came up to slap me a few minutes ago when I went to write "happy birthday" in Thai to an email pal in Narithiwat, and the taskbar widget was missing.

Now that it's summer again, plans are back on to go to the city tomorrow and take a Bay cruise with one of my photo meet-up groups. The boat leaves at 4 pm, so pray for no fog.  The plan is Mountain View - Caltrain - N judah - F Trolley - get off at the last stop and walk to pier 43. I think I need to leave at about noon to make it by 3:30.

The second crystal litter automatic litterbox arrived a few days ago, but I'm still debating whether to put it in place or not. I like that it's quieter and cleaner, but don't like that it's smaller than the clumping litter one it's replacing. Maybe I'll just leave the hood off this one.

It's getting to be time to make a 2010 calendar from my photos. The challenge is paring it down to 13 photos. According to the shutter counts on my EXIF data, I took about 12,000 pictures in the past year.

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