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Sweating Like A Politician

It's a lot of work emptying out and dismembering an automated litterbox full of urine-soaked crystals which got caught in the rain. Usually the crystals absorb several times their own weight, but not after 2 inches of rain. The litterbox is under an overhang, but the wind was blowing. After I cleaned it out I replaced it with a neater style of litterbox, one which has a hood. It joins one which was already out there, which I also changed the tray on, managing to pour stinky crystals all over the deck when the bottom of the garbage bag turned out to not be there.

The good news is now I have a matched pair of the non-clumping, non-messy ones and after a lot of work with a dustpan, brush and trowel and the occasional application of Clorox cleaner, the balcony is usable again.

On the way home from work I stopped off at Fry's for an inexpensive laptop carrier for the work laptop, as I now use it every morning to call in from home to the daily manager's manager's meeting. I really don't need to be there, but it's only 15 minutes and it is kinda fun to use their Webex app which coordinates the phone and the laptop. I also got a spare power adapter for the laptop, one of those universal ones, which I'll keep around the apartment. And Fry's also had a nice lunch pail, I've been looking for one to replace the old workhorse I've used for the last 5 or so years. Cisco's gone to a stingy mode, pop and munchies are about 25% more expensive in the machines than retail, so I bring my own.

Thought about buying Windows 7, but thought I needed to wait till some cash transfered from my savings because yesterday EDD sent me a little slip of paper saying that I don't get any unemployment check because last week I earned too much money. This is despite the fact that I won't actually get that money till November. They don't care, unemployment stops as soon as you start working. But when I got home today, there was a check for half my usual unemployment, covering the week I was not working. So maybe tomorrow I'll get the upgrade. Or maybe tonight.

And now I have to go downstairs where I have some writing space and write out a couple of condolence cards. One of my brothers-in-laws lost his father, so I have cards for him & my sister & their son, and one for his mother. His father was 91, and in poor health for a while. He used to play trumpet in Broadway musicals, and though I only met him once, at my sister's wedding 25+ years ago, I liked him, and thought it quite a small world thing that we both played trumpet.
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