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The Search Ends

I found Black Forest cake. Bought a piece, took it home and ate it when the 49ers won today's game.

It was a long trek. I started at Draeger's in Los Altos. They had some good looking cakes, but only sold the mundane kind in slices. They also did not have any 82% Scharffen-Berger bars, which was also on today's list.

Next was Androcini's market near Foothill Expressway, also Los Altos. They had eclairs and napoleons and I would have bought one if there had been anyone minding the bakery counter. They also had an extensive display of Scharffen-Berger chocolate, but not the 82% bars.

As I was pulling out of the parking lot I saw in the corner of the complex the Los Altos Bakery Cafe. Worth a try, even though they were advertising food food on the door stick-ons. Bingo! They had Black Forest cake by the piece (I could have bought a whole cake, too, but that seemed like overkill). I bought two pieces, will have the other one next week.

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