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It's been super-busy at work, helping plan the new lab, learning what I need to learn to help plan the new lab, taking interminable little training courses on everything from lab safety to how to fill out a time card online. The less the class applies to my actual job, the longer it is and the stupider the test questions. So far I've passed everything on the first try.

Went to the dentist this afternoon to get casts made for new dentures. This is the first time I'm having them done by my dentist, for the past way too many years I've had them done by a place in San Jose called The Denture Clinic, which used to have their own lab, but now sends the work out. If I'm going to wait for 2 weeks anyway, I may as well do it closer to home.

Couldn't get the Hauppauge capture/tuner card to see HD channels, so I slapped the ATI TV Wonder in, loaded the Win 7 drivers, and couldn't get the ATI apps to see any channels. A little experimenting showed me the Win 7 package is meant to allow Media Center to see the card, and that's working fine. Which is great because the apps which come with the cards usually are non-intuitive and temperamental. Media Center is actually okay.

Also disabled the on-board Intel audio, and slapped in a Turtle Beach Riviera card. Now the logon/logoff sounds actually play.

Planning on going to the Thai temple in Fremont this weekend if it doesn't rain. Loi Krathong festival, which will include some classical dance and music recitals by the kids, the giving robes to the monks ceremony, and a food court set up in the back yard.

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