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They Look Like Ants From Here

Worked from home today, mostly spending other people's money ordering lab equipment over the VPN connection. I was home to be there when the 24" HD monitor came, since I had to sign for it. It arrived at 2:25, prefect timing before a 2:30 conference call. After the call I unboxed it, installed the HDMI video board and set it up. The board is double-wide, I had to twist one of the dividers out of the way to be able to plug in the video connector.

I need to lower the resolution because the text looks minuscule. Or maybe I'll try a custom text DPI setting.

Yeah, that worked.

Hmmm. Installing ATI's drivers made Windows 7 blue screen and reboot on shutdown, which is doubly annoying because that always triggers an alarm with my RAID drive forcing it to "repair" the array, all 1TB of it. Needlessly.

So, the Yankees do it again, in their new home. I was a huge Yankees fan when I was a kid growing up in the suburbs of NYC. Most boys I knew were. Back then we still had the Brooklyn Dodgers and the NY Giants. Seems most of the world series bouts were between the Dodgers and the Yankees. I suppose if I look it up I'll find something completely different. Better look:
Year Results
1950NY Yankees 4, Philadelphia 0
1951NY Yankees 4, NY Giants 2
1952NY Yankees 4, Brooklyn 3
1953NY Yankees 4, Brooklyn 2
1954NY Giants 4, Cleveland 0
1955Brooklyn 4, NY Yankees 3
1956NY Yankees 4, Brooklyn 3
1957Mil. Braves 4, NY Yankees 3
1958NY Yankees 4, Mil. Braves 3
1959Los Angeles 4, Chicago White Sox 2
1960Pittsburgh 4, NY Yankees 3
1961NY Yankees 4, Cincinnati 1
1962NY Yankees 4, San Francisco 3
1963Los Angeles 4, NY Yankees 0
1964St. Louis 4, NY Yankees 3

Not so far from the truth, eh?

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