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Morning Drill

Went to the dentist at 9 for another appliance fitting, forgot there was also a cavity to be filled. She did a great job of numbing me, I didn't even need propofol.  It finally wore off enough at about 1:30 to go get some lunch. Now it's just real sore.

Lots of work today, the documentation princess thanked me for the proofreading notes on her quite beautiful write-up of a seriously complex video installation which I will be helping build one of these days. Installed a KVM switch so my PC and Linux machine can share a keyboard and mouse. Installed Red Hat twice (once for myself and once to test a document).  Spent some time with one of my co-workers in spreadsheet Hell making sure we have everything on order for the new lab.

Went to Black Angus for dinner. Punched it into my GPS, and it showed one in Mountain View I had never noticed. When I arrived at the location I discovered the reason I never noticed it is it isn't there, and never has been. For the past 15 years that address has been an office building. The closest restaurant is 2 blocks away, and it has never been a steak house. Sometimes the GPS lies. So I went to the one in Sunnyvale, where they sat me in a table section served by the bar but not visible from it, which meant service was slow. The prime rib was okay, the bread was stale. Huge garden salad. I was the only person seated in my section, which was way far from the main seating area. At least the screams of the children were muted by distance.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Maybe laundry.

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