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Happy Ides of November/Friday The 13th

Let's start off with this amusing news tidbit [click]

Morning started way too early today, with a 7 am web conference call which was pretty good - developers showing the new IP Phone display and some major neat things in the main app which controls what hundreds of TV monitors play in a sports stadium. It kept my eyes open. That was done at about 8:45. I went back to bed for half an hour, which got me feeling almost human, and was at work at 10.

Another web conference at 11, lots of sharing with co-workers, and then tried to beat my server into submission and made some major progress, but it isn't there yet. Monday I'll do a web conference with our guru back east, and she should be able to poke around and get it going. I'm like 99% there.

Did not get out for lunch, but had some goodies in my cooler which tided me over. I wanted to go for a walk but people kept coming into my cube to chat. I talk way too much - what else is new.

Thanks to the 7 am start time, I left at 4, had my bi-weekly manicure and picked up some cichlids and kitty litter cartridges at PestSmart.  When I walked in the door there was someone familiar looking wearing a slave apron, chatting with the cashiers - it was the guy who was in charge of the network at a company I worked for about 4 years ago.  His LinkedIn page says he's still employed full time, so I guess he's doing the second job thing. Very odd to see him there.

Home, caught up on three days of TMZ, and got a call from a friend who was supposed to start as a contractor with my group next week, saying he got a much better real employee offer at another fun place, so he'll be going there instead. Sad that he won't be joining us, but happy for him landing a gig with full benefits.
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