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Sell Phone

Ask a salesperson what his favorite means of communications is, and he will say "sell phone".

Me, I like the www. Today's goodies preparatory for the trip were my highest budgeted USA items. a 28-300mm lens & daylite filter and another pair of 1GB compact flash memory chips. Now I go into dormant shopper mode, anything else I want to buy will be bought in Thailand.

Two reasons for the lens purchase. One is my 28-200mm made rude noises when I put it on my film camera, and I am suspicious of the focus mechanism. The other is I want the extra 100mm reach. The new lens is a half stop slower, but in the digital world that isn't critical. It weighs the same and costs less (I'm getting a Sigma instead of the over-priced Nikkor).

The crack of dawn
Getting off the can this morning, the seat cracked. Cracked clear through the left side of the ring. At lunch I went to OSH and picked up a solid oak seat, which will match the medicine cabinet I installed last year. Also picked up a $5 white enamel replacement for when I move out. A solid oak toilet seat cover can make a fine wall hanging, don't ya think?

Having the seat crack like that was a bit off-putting, considering all the weight I've lost. Even after the Black Forest cake binge of last night, I'm still down 57 lbs.
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