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Weird Daydream Channel

I'm sitting in the recliner with Pumpkin splayed across the right arm purring up a storm, and I have a mini day dream. I'm in the cubicle of a big burly red-headed guy, 40-ish, the pumps iron type, he's wearing a white dress shirt and his hair is in a crew cut. He's explaining something to me on his whiteboard, and the last item on this erasable spread-sheet is the number 273. I point out to him how 273 doesn't look right to me, and suggest it should probably be 234 or maybe even 237. He's non-committal, smiles and nods me out of the cube. Two or three steps out of there I turn back and see the whiteboard has 273 x-ed out in red and 237 up above it in purple, with a question mark.
Tags: dreams

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