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Calendar Photos: Thanks For Playing!

Thanks to everyone who voted and several others who gave me feedback IRL. The final choices are at this link with thumbnails


Half Dome


Full Moon


Albino Gator

Loi Krathong Float

Thai Chili

Pelican Landing

Crayola Rocket




The jellyfish photo was far and away the most popular, Reflections, Half Dome, Butterfly, Krathong (the pink thing), Thai Chili and Pelican tied for 2nd. The rest were pretty even, so I chose my favorites: The Crayola rocket montage was built specifically for the calendar, so that's in, the Full Moon night shot is in there because my dentist loves it and it will make a great cover, and four people told me they liked the crane (bird) which was originally going to be in the poll but a brain fart got in the way.

Comments welcome, especially if you think a particular picture should be on a particular month. 
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