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Bottle Bill

Bill Holmstrom was the state rep for Astoria, Oregon when I lived there, and his crusade to get a recycling law into place earned him the title "Bottle Bill".  The bill passed in late 1971 and I moved to Astoria at the start of 1973.

Sen. Holmstrom had some catchy slogans for the bottle bill, and while I can't recall them at the moment, what with the passing of the decades and a memory like a colander, I know all of them had to have been better than California's amazingly lame "It's good for the bottle, it's good for the can". 

Every time I see that slogan (and it is at the entrance to every grocery store and any other place bottled or canned beverages are sold), I get the urge to hunt down the person who thought it up, and rinse his/her/it's mind out with soap. Obviously the lobotomy was a success. Because when you stop to analyze this slogan, not only is it awkward phrasing, it's wrong. Recycling destroys the bottle. It destroys the can. Okay, so some of the bottle is made into another bottle, maybe, and some of the can may become another can. But that's not what the slogan says.

In the spirit of constructive criticism, I suppose I should propose a better recycling slogan. More than one. And invite you to vote on them and make your own suggestions.

So twist my arm, why don't you?

Poll #1490919 In Hoor of "Bottle" Bill Holmstrom

Check the ones you like

Get off your can and recycle
Don't mess with California
Recycle: It isn't taxing
Yes we can (and bottle, too)
Ready for change? 5¢ for small 10¢ for large containers
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