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Ho hum

Spent most of today with food. Yesterday I bought way too much of it, and as a part of being in denial about that set out a glass baking pan, dumped in most of a bottle of sherry and slid in the eight steaks to marinate overnight on the kitchen counter. This morning I peeked into the freezer and saw I was wasting a lot of space thanks to where I usually put the ice trays, and after some stunning feats of Pythagorean prestidigitation, aided by the intelligent application of zip-lock freezer bags, I was able to fit half the marinated steaks into the freezer.

One of the other steaks I pan fried for lunch, and the rest were cut up into bite-sized pieces and thrown into the crock pot along with coconut milk, straw mushrooms, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, baby corn and a tablespoon of Thai green curry paste. Some of that will be dinner when I am done writing this.

Watched some of the BC-Maryland football game, mostly because my nephew is an Terps alum and his parental units are fans. Unfortunately they snatched defeat from the very jaws of victory by running it up the middle on their final 4th down of the game. May as well just wave the white flag if you're going to do that against anyone except the Detroit Lions.

During the curry prep my electric can opener let out a painful-sounding shriek and refused to open any more cans, electric or otherwise. So I hopped into the car and went to BB&B for a replacement, but got sidetracked for about an hour at Best Buy next door. They had a bunch of netbooks on sale, all for around $350-400, all with more oomph than either my old Asus Eee PC or my laptop, both of which cost significantly more. There was a really sweet Nokia "Booklet" which AT&T was selling - it has 3G built in, and for a mere $299.999999 plus a 2-year contract for data service, it could have been mine. List price on this puppy is $600. The data plan is $60/month so by the end of the year the data plan alone would be $120 more than the value of the netbook., No thanks. They had a Gateway and an HP which were almost comparable (no 3G) for $350 each.

Finally left and bought the can opener next door, came home and did some research, found Verizon had a similar deal on an HP netbook, $199 instead of $299, but the same $60 data plan locked in for two years. After some searching I found the HP which I saw at Best Buy, but with a better wireless card and bigger hard drive for the same price, and ordered it.

In other news, Domino is not responding to the hyperthyroid meds, and for what a year's supply costs she can get "cured" by irradiated iodine therapy, so I got a reference from Dr. farmount for a clinic called Radiocat (love it!) which has a branch in San Mateo. They don't work weekends, so I left a message on their machine somewhere in EST land. Will try to remember to try then early Monday morning. The goal is to have her back home well before the Xmas break so I don't have to worry about her when I'm gone.

Now I'm hungry. Dinner calls.
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