Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Long Weekend

No cons for me - not into sorcery, don't like LA. But very happy to hear from all the good people who had a good time there. Also didn't do T-day, except by accident. I thought I might be going north, but couldn't get an affordable flight and also didn't want to panic. Turns out all three of my sisters are going to be there this week, as well as a cousin I have only seen once in the past 25 years. I'll go up during the year-end shutdown. The accident was finding that the only restaurants open in my area were 1 Chinese and 1 Indian. I chose the Indian, which actually had a buffet with turkey and stuffing.

Early this morning (like just after midnight) I found what I thought was a great deal on an HP netbook on amazon.com, and placed an order. At 6 am I woke up realizing it was older technology, and sent a message to the seller to cancel the order. Seller said it had already shipped. I know that was BS because the tracking info I received three hours later was just a note from UPS saying they received the pickup order. More research showed Best Buy had a deal on a netbook which had everything I wanted except 2GB or RAM (it has 1GB) and battery life is "only" 5 hours. $100 less than the amazon one. 2GB of RAM is about $60, and there may be a longer-life battery for about the same amount (though 5 hours is fine for what I need).

This morning after getting my nails done I went to BB and examined their netbook collection, but they did not have the Samsung on display. I found one boxed and ready to go, and bought it after the salescreature showed me their demo unit which was locked in a cage out of sight. Talk about hiding the sale items! $269 for a unit comparable to several others in the $350-$400 range.

Got it home and fired it up, and saw why they were hiding it. It took 2 hours for it to self-install the humongous amounts of bundled software, and another half hour to pretend to run a full backup, even after I had changed the partitioning to not create a backup partition. What idiot wastes 60GB of a 160GB drive as a backup partition? If the drive dies, you lose the backup too. Sheesh. After the faux backup was complete, I confirmed there was only one partition, and removed the backup software. Everything I'll be keeping on the netbook will be a copy of stuff on my main PC.

Once everything was installed, it ran fine. I plugged in my external optical drive and installed Office and the micro bluetooth adapter I'd used on the now-old ASUS Eee. Finally got frustrated with how slow the ASUS 0.9 GHz no-cache processor is, and only having 8GB of room on the C: drive. I expected the solid state drive to be faster than a mechanical one, but it isn't. Just waiting for a browser to launch could take 5 minutes.

I still have a couple of minor things to install on it, shouldn't take long. Windows 7 starter doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, which means it runs faster. I don't think I'll "upgrade".

Meanwhile, I'll send the HP mini back when it arrives, which will probably be next week coming from NJ by ground during the holiday season. Or I could sell it on eBay I suppose. It really is a good deal, I should be able to get what I paid for it, if not more.

While I was writing this I spent another $85 for an 8-hour battery and 2GB of RAM for the Samsung.

Watched some football - was impressed by the 49er win, it was very definitive. Not so impressed with the Ravens overtime win. Considering half the Steelers' stars were on the bench, the game was way too close. Baltimore's QB is one of the worst passers in the league. Looks like the Seahawks also won today.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Radiocat and schedule Domino for treatment
Online work-from-home conference, then go to the office
Monday Night Football. So many choices for dinner. :-)

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