Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Cat a Tonic

Work was full of changes today, some good, some not appropriate to mention in a journal. Co-worker's 91-year-old father is doing well after heart surgery. May he live to be 120.

RadioCatLady Linda finally returned my call at about 6 pm, which is 9 pm her time (the San Mateo clinic's scheduling is done from Maryland. Go figure.) Very nice woman, explained what needed explaining, stopped explaining when I told her what I already knew. Bad news is the first opening they have is Jan. 5. The only other date is December 15, which would be perfect, but it's all booked. Maybe someone will cancel, what with the holidaze coming up and all. It's a major cashectomy, but less than what I've already spent on her, and with a 98% chance of total cure. Domino is "only" about 14, and other than the hyperthyroid ought to have a bunch more good years left.


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