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I came up here to write something poignant

But it has slid completely out of my brain, and I don't see it on the floor anywhere. Must have been when I put the new bowl cleaner tab in the toilet. Feh.

So: Mundane stuff until I remember.

Oh, that reminded me of the poignant:

Went to the drug store formerly known as Long's in downtown MV for a short list of items on my notepad. As I am walking up the paper goods aisle toward the dairy case, the ends of the aisle are packed with glittery Xmas kitsch. There is no one in sight, and not a sound in the store except the muzak, at very low volume, playing a particularly tinkly arrangement of Silent Night. My first feeling was eeeeewwwwwww! immediately followed by "I feel like I'm in a movie". I visualized a long shot of me from the back by a hand-held camera following me down the aisle. I even looked behind me to see if there was a camera person there. There wasn't. And then the music changed to some generic hip hop and the moment evaporated.

Work today was several episodes of accomplishment. After beating our heads against the wall for 20 minutes, I figured out why my teammate's server was not letting her log in from her PC. I am gaining a reputation for psychic computer repair. Chatting with another team member, we discovered we had both worked for the same little start-up in the mid-80's, Starlight Networks, though we may not have met because he was an east coast field engineer and I was tech support in CA. We probably talked on the phone, though. Got to play with my favorite network analysis software, and saw what the news ticker at the bottom of the video screen looks like when it's wrapped in an internet packet. Amusing, but not pretty. Had a good chat with my boss in Nor'Lina, who is understanding and supportive about my taking time to visit Mom. And I finished the first part of an assignment I had been dreading for the past 2 days.

It has turned nippy all of a sudden. 45° at 6 pm. Which made changing the litterbox less of a joy than usual. But also less aromatic.

A pair of sleeping bags and an air mattress I ordered on 11/20 from an online outfit called Camping Comfortably finally arrived this afternoon. Good prices, good quality Coleman stuff, but boxed up in pieces of three or four previously-used boxes sloppily taped together. A camp chair I'd ordered from them at the same time came a week ago, in the box it was shipped to them in. Everything was intact, surprisingly.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work from home
Pop into Kaiser for a quarterly blood pressure clinic
Work from home some more
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