Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


@ SJC, waiting for my 6:30 flight to SEA. Busy last half hour at work - farmount  texted with some bad news, which changed where Domino is having her prep work done next week. Radiocat called with good news, Domino gets to glow in the dark on the 15th instead of next month. Good thing too because she was pooping in the apartment again last night. I locked her out of the bedroom and both bathrooms, hopefully she got the hint. Will find out when I'm back Monday night. Also had a bunch of paperwork to do for work.

Arrived early, as usual, using free wifi on the new netbook. Don't know why I feel so nervous. Forgot my jacket at the security checkpoint, the teenager behind me in line found me at the food court tables and told me. Security couldn't be bothered, I guess. Isn't that some kind of red flag, unattended large objects (it's a stadium jacket which is very well stuffed even without me in it).

Enough for now. gonna grab a snack.

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