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Thai Star, 1007 Boren Ave Seattle

Had dinner at this very basic hole in the wall. The menu confused me, because most of the dishes on it are not Thai. Mongolian beef, won ton soup, mee noodles, etc. I had the tom kha gai, it was pretty bad, way overloaded with galangal and the chicken chunks were too big. Instead of being off-white the broth was pink. Sesame duck was a tiny portion for $12, some of the duck was pure gristle. The veggies in it were good, but again not cut small enough for a Thai stir-fry dish. The waiter was nice, we chatted in Thai, in 2 weeks he is going back home for the first time in 5 years, I was able to give him some tips about changes in Bangkok since then. The Thai iced tea was okay, but over-priced. Total $22 for what should have cost $12.
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