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A very sleepless night, which often happens when I need to be up as soon as my alarm goes off. Variously read chapters in a book, launched my netbook and played on a dating site (but at 4 am most of the women online were in Europe or Asia). Was up and out of bed when the lights went on at 7,  did all my morning stuff and found myself with half an hour to kill before leaving at 8, which was way too early for a 9 o'clock appointment in San Mateo unless there was an accident, in which case it was only somewhat too early.

Got to RadioCat at 8:30, lucky for me their 8:30 appointment bailed or postponed, so the lovely nurse was able to check Domino in right away. That took about 20 minutes, during which time the kitteh thoroughly explored the little exam office.

From there I drove straight to work, which was very slow going till Mountain View, when traffic magically all cleared up at 9 am, and I was at my desk by 9:30. Just in time to not go to a 10 o'clock meeting in a building 10 minutes away. I was only invited as a courtesy anyway. 

Got a lot done, found a couple of bugs which meant I needed to teach myself how to use the bug tracking system. It wasn't nearly as bad as the test case system or the equipment ordering system.

Kinda funny, last week my counterpart in Research Triangle helped me solve a problem with my server, and today she had the same symptom on hers, which I tried to help with but I don't think we fixed it.

Home, Pumpkin is acting mostly normally, except he did spend a few seconds showing me he noticed the place in the livingroom where the cat carrier had been was now empty.

Went online and bought a welcome mat for my nephew, who recently moved in with his girlfriend as he finishes up his grad degree in computer science.

Plans for tonight: dream about scendan
Plans for tomorrow: Work. Mail calendars. Return rented Baritone Horn.
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