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Saw it in 3D, which IMHO is the only way to see this flick. I give it 3 stars. Minus one star for inane, utilitarian, sometimes Just Plain Annoying soundtrack. I actually had to put my fingers in my ears once. Minus one star for way too much violence, coupled with the completely unbelievable results of the Final War, and the tacky mano-a-mano hand to hand combat scene at the end.

I ought to knock of half a star for the total lack of acting, but Cameron was going for stereotypes, and Avatar has those under every rock.

Artwork is out of this world, which is only right because the setting is on another planet. A lot of imagination went into the scenery, the indigenous sapeints and the flora and fauna. Not so much the military gear - most of that was sci-fi boilerplate.  Cinematography and CG are superb, and blend seamlessly.

Worth matinée with the 3D surcharge.
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