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Busy Busy Saturday

Going Postal
I woke up way too late, but managed to make it to the apartment office to pick up a package, and the Post Office to send off some photo CDs/DVDs to the family in Israel, and then back in time to pour Pumpkin and Domino into their carriers.

Fat Cats
I had an 11:30 appointment at Murphy Avenue Pet Clinic with Dr. Sawyer. Annual check-up, rabies shots. They are both too fat, he says. He offered to put them on a program of special food and a monthly visit, but the thought of packing these wailing critters off to the vet every month makes me wince. I can weigh them at home. Bought the diet food, which they both enjoy very much, thank you. He also offered the $250+ senior cat work-up for Domino, who is about 10 years old, but I just couldn't see it. It's for cats over 8, which will be Pumpkin next year too. I guess part of it is I don't buy the concept that pets should have their natural lifetimes extended artificially.
During the visit, Pumpkin kept opening the cabinet which holds the towels, and trying to curl up inside. He is very good at opening those magnetic-hold cabinet doors - he got a lot of practice at the last apartment. He can also open sliding closet doors, but never made it over to that side of the room. So while he was examining Domino, Dr. Sawyer tried to keep a foot against the towel cabinet door.

Peace Corps Festival
After bringing the wailing felines back home, I drove to SF for the 2nd annual Peace Corps Cultural Festival in GG Park. After not being able to find a way through the traffic to get into the park, I went up the hill and put the car in the UCSF garage. Had I known exeactly where I was going, I could have easily parked near the festival, but I only discovered that about 3 miles' walk later.

I'll post some pictures soon, but for now suffice to say it was a series of booths showing artifacts, clothes and books from the countries where Peace Corps serves, each booth representing a different section of the world and manned by former Peace Corps Volunteers who had served there. Also set up in booths were about a dozen NGOs and foreign service groups. Some had clever names, like "Upwardly Global".

I got to meet Carolyn Nickels-Cox, the director of Friends of Thailand, a group I belong to. Carolyn had emailed me some helpful hints about my upcoming trip, and she had set up a very impressive display, including a life-sized farm worker's hut, fully furnished which she built herself. I also connected with lots of old buddies from the NorCal Returned Peace Corps Volunteers group, many of whom did not recognize the black haired, not nearly as fat me.

Drove home, and opened the package I'd picked up - it was from my sister in Baltimore. I had sent her a children's oversized computer keyboard as a joke, and this felt like a T-shirt, bound to be something funny. It was. Black, with my name in orange across the front. It was a logo shirt from Howard University in DC. I could have used it at the festival. I put it on anyway, because I was headed to Aptos to see my cousin Renee and her jazz band "By EAR", which was playing at Severino's in the SeaCliff Resort Hotel.

Nice place, and she did not recognize me until she saw the shirt. The last time she saw me was maybe 50 lbs. ago. I had red hair.

They sounded good, but their sax player kept going off into noisy solos which I think drove away the audience. By the time they folded up at 11:30, only me and another friend of the band were still in the audience. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it - I just don't like the sax much, especially the wailing riffs.

Plan A had been to stay overnight and take pictures around Santa Cruz Beach Sunday, but I was not feeling tired at all, so just drove home instead.

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