Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Compared with Saturday, Sunday was pretty boring. Slept in, watched some of the 49ers game, watched some of the Raiders game, went to Starbucks and read some from a newly acquired old Spider Robinson book. Went to Petco and got a new male Betta for the half tank which did not seem to have one anymore. Put him in the tank and discovered that one of the females thought she was a male, and fought the newcomer till I put her in a separate tank. I'd heard that female Bettas can change gender when there's no male around, but I'd never actually seen it happen before. Wanted to get a plecostemus (bottom feeder) too, but Petco didn't have anyone working the fish department, and the tropical fish place in Sunnyvale Town Center tried to convince me that a 5-year-old monster in a 50-gallon tank was a typical size, and wouldn't sell me one for a 10-gallon tank. So no joy there.

Mostly spent time with the cats.

Celebrated losing another 5 lbs. with a piece of Black Forest cake. I'm now down 60 lbs from when I started. 55 to go.

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