Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

No Resolutions, Saran Wrap-Up

2009 generally sucked for me, as I spent almost half of it unemployed, and a quarter of it as a contractor. I did take advantage of the lack of jobs to visit Seattle, Pinnacles and Yosemite. The year started well with a full time job with Motorola I'd expected to retire from in about 10 years, a very enjoyable Conflikt in Renton, and an excellent Consonance. In May I was laid off and things generally went downhill from there. The year ended with both my parents entering hospice, and moving to a nursing home.

Some good things included selling a couple of photos at BayCon, getting lots of photos and an article or three published in SFinSF and The Drink Tank (johnnyeponymous did a beautiful job with layout of my pix in the trains issue). Produced a 2010 calendar which has been well received by the 20 or so people I've given one to. Went on several model shoots, took Amtrak to Santa Barbara on National Train Day, and rode the steam locomotive out in Sunol-Niles. And hooked up my uncle in NYC with someone in the east bay who shared the same pretty rare job on different coasts (railway mail clerk).

I've gained way too much weight, need to do something about that. That's not a resolution, just an observation.

As wolfen_dancer said on her journal, let's just give 2009 the finger.

Here's to a for a better 2010 for ourselves and the world in general.
Tags: philosophy

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