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On the train to Seattle on the 24th, one of the women at the dinner table offered me a piece of persimmon. I'd never had one, somehow associating it with the unfortunate pomegranate, which is not meant to be eaten by humans. I told her no, but I'd get one after NYE and make it my "something different" which I try to celebrate a new year with. She foisted a piece on me anyway, and it was not great thrill, but not nearly the blood-covered tragedy of the pomegranate. As soon as I got back to my home grocery store, I picked up a couple, and had one a night for the next 2 nights. Mostly yummy, but also a bit messy.

Today was hectic. Got to work as early as traffic lets me, did some actual work, then went to Kaiser for an opthalmology appointment concerning my amazing exploding cornea. Turns out it is something called pterygium which is Mostly Harmless. Looks bad, though. Probably caused by dry eyes, in my case. So the doc gave me a sample of something called Blink, an artificial tears product.

Back to work, filed a bug, ran some tests and wrote them up, then off to the dentist, with a stop for kitty litter along the way. Dentist totally destroyed my denture trying to re-line it, ended up making new impressions so they can try again. Need to do one more impression Monday. Boo, hiss. I had waited an hour because there were a couple of emergencies ahead of me, so all told 2 hours there.

Home, fired up the work laptop and found I couldn't do the test I was planning on because the !@#$%^&*( network changed the address of my webcam again. I'm creating custom templates with a new tool in the product, which lets me display ads and tickers and video in new and different ways on my HDTV. But unless I can see the screen, all I can do is build the templates, can't see if they actually worked the way I designed them.

Have to be there in person tomorrow, because there's a null modem cable which needs to be installed and maybe I'll get my server moved to the lab.

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