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Called the travel insurance folks, they said to get a copy of the travel agent contract to see what the early cancellation policy was. It says I'm entitled to a full refund. I call the travel agent who says I need to talk to the tour organizer, who has been taking the deposit checks. This is the organizer who didn't mention this when I said I'd check with the insurance people. So I'll call him tomorrow.

Busy day at work. Helped troubleshoot two issues co-workers were having, fixed 'em both. Got a chance to play with a couple of kewl new features in the product. Lunch was ridiculous. Five of us packed into a Camry drove from one Cisco building, across the parking lot, across the road, to another cisco building which has a cafeteria. At which point I asked the driver why we were doing this when there is a cafeteria in the building next to ours. All the others in the car had been there, but he didn 't know it existed. Sigh.

Watched the 2nd half of the alleged national championship game. Part of being a national champ, IMHO, is having more than one capable quarterback. It also is a good idea for the defense to show up. Just sayin'

Ordered a document scanner, found one for cheap refurbed, need something to scan legal sized stuff from my Peace Corps days. I was hoping to OCR the newsletter I edited, but the copies are too light, with too many typos. I'll just store them as images.

So, does anyone know where I can buy bamboo plate holders? Something to put frozen dinners on in the microwave which will keep my from burning my fingers and won't short it out or melt...

Plans for tomorrow:
work. Return some stuff to Fry's it turned out I did not need, and get some cables and adapters I do need.

There is laundrification in my future, but probably Saturday.

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