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Love or Something Like It

Up In The Air was today's cinema event, I went with another veteran single person. We both liked it a lot. But it's a very unsettling movie, especially for me, because the main character (played by George Clooney) fires people for a living, and the film is chock full of snippets of employees' reactions to being told they are suddenly jobless. Technically, it is superb. Cinematography is super - you feel like you're there. Sound is perfect - I didn't miss a line, and they resisted the temptation to flood us with jet take-off noise though there were lots of opportunities to do so. The writing is mostly stellar, with just one little over-the-top bit of crying on the part of one of the leading ladies, which lasted a minute too long, and was completely out of character. Excellent acting all around by a diverse and deep cast. The only exception was a sometimes unconvincing job by Clooney's boss, played by Jason Bateman.

Sandwiching the movie content are two WTF title sequences. I had to close my eyes during the opening titles because they made me airsick. It looked like a fairly expensive project gone horribly wrong. The closing credits, on the other hand, were cheap, no frills, and they even used a song sent in by some recently laid off fellow with less than adequate guitar and singing skills. At least he made a few bucks for his efforts.

An excellent film to take someone to you with whom you plan to break up. Worth full price.

Other than that and catching up over coffee with my co-moviegoer, it was pretty dull. Stayed in bed late, installed McAfee on mom's laptop & boxed it up, watched some of each football game, verified my Facebook page is still suspended, got some rare lap time with Domino, did laundry.

Plans for tomorrow:
Post office - ship Mom's laptop

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