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Took light rail to work this morning, which meant driving to the other end of MV to get to a park 'n ride. Short wait for the train, but I got off at the wrong stop (Crossman sounds way too much like Tasman) and took the 20 minutes till the next train to install some software on my laptop. Fairly long wait for the connection to Milpitas, and a 5-minute walk to my place of work.  Good thing it had stopped raining by then. It took about an hour and change, not too bad.

The return trip was worse - long wait for the first ride, longer wait for the transfer, and all through the trip this dude with a skateboard who is way too old to be carrying one around was hitting on this high school girl in a voice meant to be heard in New Jersey. His life story goes like this: dropped out of school because he couldn't find anyone to pay to do his homework, works 6 days a week (did not hint where, or what), and you could just see the stoopid flowing out of his mouth. For the better part of an hour.  The girl was obviously the better educated of the two, but definitely not very smart, as she told of her boyfriend being kicked out of three high schools. And when sk8er boi finally got off the car she gave him her number.

Difficult day at work today. The lab is a mess, all the planning we did in October was flushed down the crapper, and has been replaced by havoc. By comparison my noisy open-plan desk space is a better work environment by an order of magnitude. My mentor left the company last week, there is no talk of replacing her, but then they hadn't told me about the last 6 people who have shown up to work there. Time to put my resume out there again, I think. Expletive.

Haven't called back my dentist. I think I'll phone the denture clinic and ask what they would charge for a non-insured customer, and take it from there. It was a HUGE mistake to trust a family practice dentist with dentures. Took way too long and the results were inadequate.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drive to work. Sometime while it is still light, take visiting co-worker on a short tour of CiscoLand aka just about all of the buildings on Tasman drive, all 10 miles of it.
Try not to think about it only being Wednesday
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