Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Dropped Domino off at the vet, walked to BestBuy to see if they had usb wireless adapters (nope) and the BB&B for terrycloth pillowcases (nope) then to the Starbucks there to see if there was a place to sit down (nope). Home, breakfast. Goodwill, dropped of several pair of never-worn pants and some drinking glasses. The pants were very inexpensive, it would have cost more to ship them back than they were worth. Maybe some day they will teach their Mexican seamstresses how to install a zipper so that the pull tab can be accessed. Walmart, found all the soap-like products I went there for, but not terrycloth pillowcases or USB wireless adapters. Several DDG women out shopping, some of them unaccompanied and a couple of them sans ring finger ornaments.

Somewhere in my apartment there should be several SDHC memory chips, but I was only able to find the 16GB spare for the camera and an unmarked one of unknown size, which is now in the Wii. Did I sell them when I sold the D80 and bought the D300? Hmmm. Maybe.

Nephew called, he is setting up Mom's laptop, which I had shipped to her Monday. He's visiting from Virginia/Maryland with his parental units. Or maybe just his mom. He's a CS grad student, I think he can handle it. :-)

Am now at my local Starbucks, much more eye candy and  (glory be!) no children. Usually this one is like a day care center with caffeine. When I'm done with this grande iced mint mocha, I'll head home and see if I can get the document scanner to talk to Windows 7 x64. It's for a special project which requires scanning legal-sized pages, so I may re-purpose my old slow ASUS netbook for that. I'd need to plug in an external hard drive for that, though.

No work Monday. Just what I needed, another unpaid day.

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