Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Baltimore lost because

they didn't want to catch a colt.

Enough of that.

Picked up Domino, the call came from Daphne, whom I had not seen since shortly after she cat sit for me about a year ago. Good to see her again. She said she noticed a big improvement in Domino's weight, which was the whole point of the way too expensive radiation treatment.

Dropped Domino at home, went to Fry's to get some Wii stuff, and saw a wi-fi Win7-compatible printer-copier-scanner on sale for a pittance, so I bought it. Got it home, read the manual, no specs on how big a page it could scan. Went online, mfg page says it doesn't do legal size. Boo hiss. Will return it tomorrow.

Home, watched enough of the game to know former Baltimore was going to beat current Baltimore (they beat themselves, actually) then went upstairs and set up the old, slower than dog vomit in the snow ASUS Eee PC which has XP on it, and installed the Xerox scanner software on it. Worked fine, tomorrow I'll see what needs to be set up to do a continuous scan of a pile of docs from the feeder. The originals are too ugly to run OCR on, but I do want to haved image captures for historical purposes. These are newsletters I edited during my Peace Corps days, printed on legal sized paper on an old Gestetner mimeo machine. My very sloppy typing on an Olympia electric looks awful, but also kind of third world homey. The problem with mimeo is there was no good way to correct typos, except to start all over again. So there are a lot of typos. But the pages are human-readable, so maybe I'll re-type them after I'm done scanning.  I also have all the aerogrammes I sent home, which are probably OCR-able. Still have typos, but the print is clearer. I'm hoping that re-reading them will remind me of some of the people I worked & played with.

Also installed a wi-fi adapter in the Wii and did an update. I'm impressed with how simple that process was. Pulled out that composite connection and upgraded to component. Quite an improvement in picture quality. Too bad they don't have HDMI.

Plans for tomorrow:
netflix DVDs

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