Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Vacuuming Sucked Today

One of the few plans in the back of my mind for my next day off, which was today, was to vacuum downstairs. After a couple of passes, it was clear nothing was being picked up. Changed the bag, and almost nothing picked up, instead there were little clumps of carpet & fur deposited on the floor at random intervals. The brush needed cleaning. So I turned off the power intending to clean the roller, but nothing happened, the machine refused to turn off. Pulled the plug, disassembled the switch housing and saw that the mechanism was broken. A simple molded plastic piece which is supposed to grab the internal on/off switch was busted. No hopes of repair.

So instead of staying inside all day, seeing the sky was 2/3 clear and it looked like the rain was over for the day, I drove to The French Store™ and bought a new Hoover.  It was on sale for about 40% off, so not the cashectomy I expected.

Home, minor assembly required, it worked fine and is much quieter than the now-dumpstered one.

It's bagless. This is a testament to Domino and Pumpkin, who have not left major barfings in a month. In the past the downstairs vacuum was dedicated to cat barfs, which take the otherwise dry contents a bagless cannister and cement it all together. Cleaning those is neither pretty nor odorless.

The new machine has a stairs attachment, but today we were just doing downstairs. I have a much lighter vacuum cleaner upstairs with which I will do the stairs some day.

Back at the store, I put the box in the trunk, got into the car and as soon as I  turned the key the sky opened up and the entire universe's supply of rain plummeted through the opening, accompanied by wind so strong the palm trees across the street were bent about 15°. This happened just in time to soak the woman whose vehicle was parked next to mine. As soon as I could see past the rain, I pulled out and drove home.  The rain was light to moderate while I wheeled the box to my front door on the cart I'd so foresightedly put in the car before leaving home.

Time for some more Netflix joy.

Plans for tomorrow:
Go to work
Try not to have a nervous breakdown

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