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MLK Redux

Any man's death diminishes me
Because I am involved in mankind

-John Donne

I've had some non-comment type feedback from someone who read my comments on MLK Day in a way I would never have imagined. Happens all the time on the Internet, were you don't have verbal inflections, facial cues or gestures, especially if you don't know the writer very well. Dr. Donne's quote above sums up my attitude exactly. I don't wish for anyone's death, especially by violence. I wish MLK was still around to celebrate his 81st.  I didn't admire him enough to want to turn his birthday into a national holiday, but that doesn't mean I wished him any harm.

The same goes for RFK, by the way. I thought he was a power-hungry opportunist (would we allow a President today to even think of nominating his brother to a cabinet post? I think not - and as an attorney, RFK should have declined the offer) and wouldn't have voted for him for President. But I didn't want to see him killed.


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