Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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@ Conflikt

Boring flight, it started raining just as we started boarding which sucks because at SJC Alaska Air makes you walk out onto the runway and climb the stairs in the rain to get on the aircraft. It rained all the way to Seattle, and is still raining. But a small miracle happened, as I had the window seat, in the aisle seat was an average sized woman, and the standby passenger they put in between us was a tiny young woman. She was wearing a diamond solitaire the size of a small asteroid, and her reading material was a workbook on planning a wedding and a wedding dress catalog.

My rental car was waiting for me (a perk of having worked for Microsoft, which got me a lifetime Wizard number, with preferred customer status) and the hotel had my reservation - they upgraded me to the executive floor, which mostly happened because I booked the room way in advance for less than the con rate. The con block is in less grandiose rooms.

It's kind of a who's who of filkers here. Met lemmozine in the con suite, saw Kathy Mar, Tony & Vixy, cadhla, and someone who looked suspiciously like hsifyppah from the back. The incredible Anne Prather was in the open filk room doing amazing things with guitar strings, but there was someone there whose attempts at singing annoy the heck out of me so I didn't stay long. He's getting better, and maybe in another 5 years he'll be good enough to mot have to run from, fingers in ears. But not this weekend.

Had dinner at the Yankee Grill, which is a full restaurant attached to the hotel & open till 11. Food was okay, service was (get this) too fast. Main course arrived while I was only halfway through the soup. Will probably go to the pan-asian buffet across the parking lot tomorrow. Shouldn't that be wok-asian?

Looking forward to the brunch tomorrow, then duck out to visit my parents around 1 for an hour or two.

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