Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Carpal Tunnel Vision

Leaving the con in a few minutes to head for the nursing home to see Mom & Dad, and hook up with my sister. Caught the juried 1-shots, made extremely annoying by a noisy child whose parental units didn't have the consideration to take said child outside. Hard enough to perform for a jury without a random noisemaker in the back of the room.

Will be missing most of the good stuff this afternoon. Have to take the rental car back by 4:30, may or may not get any more con time before then.

Last night's concerts were worth full price, Tom Smith especially. He has a way of making you want to sing along, whether or not you have ever heard the song before, and not just the chorus. October Country is an entertaining duo, I suspect they would be more entertaining as a trio or foursome, one of those combinations they previously appeared in. Interfilk auction was fun, but went way out of my price range immediately. I did win two things in the silent auction, though.

Went to Asilen's CD release party. ou may know her as Ann Prather, harpist, guitarist, soprano and just finished her doctorate in something genetic at the UW.  She has a song on the CD which explains why she went into science, one of her CDs will be on its way to mistymarshall soon.

Time to scoot. L8er

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