Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Horrible flight. I had the window seat, they put a guy in the middle who is both too tall and too broad shouldered for the seats. I'm too broad-shouldered too, so it was very uncomfortable. Brought a book but couldn't read it because the reading light was aimed at my face instead of at the tray. Pulled out the netbook and played some solitaire, but it was too cramped with wide guy next to me. Meanwhile, he had a 17" laptop and was playing some tetris-like game with his earbuds blasting so loud I thought he was on speakers. Very annoying. We were, however, spared the Obligatory Screaming Baby™ this trip. Other good news is it wasn't raining in Seattle, and there was a good view of Portland and other major cities as we passed over them. No rain in SJC which made the trip from the plane across the runway to the building less onerous.

Drove to work, picked up my laptop, then to Walmart to get some washer fluid, then home, realizing I'd forgotten to also buy a battery for the bedroom heater's remote. Oh well, next time. Pumpkin keeps yelling at me, Domino left a small present in the bedroom, but otherwise they appear okay.

Plans for tomorrow:
Denture clinic @ 9

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