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Delay of game

Today everything was delayed. Woke up 45 minutes after my alarm went off, took too long to charge the netbook and get dressed. Out to the car, was punching in the address to my new contract agency in my GPS when I found that the calendar item with the address didn't make it to my cell phone, so back inside, boot up the PC, launch email, print out the address.

No delay at contract agency, got the paperwork done in no time, then off to work. Get to work and can't find my badge. I think I left it clipped to the pants I was wearing yesterday, so head home to get it. But first, stop at BofA to deposit the check current contractor sent in lieu of the missing direct deposit. ATM check scanner doesn't recognize it as a check, no matter how I feed it in. Wait in line to deposit it.

Then home, en route call manager to let her know I'm in transit and will do our 1-on-1 call when I get there. Ten minutes later I call her from home, the chat runs a little long but there's a lot to talk about.

Upstairs, find yesterday's pants (hey, that would be a great name for a rock group!) but no badge. Not in yesterday's shirt pocket or my jacket pockets. Back to the car, not in the garbage bag, not around or under the front passenger seat where I usually put it after work. Pull the driver's seat way back, and there it is underneath. Re-adjust the seat, head back to work.

Talk with co-worker about impending change of employment & some technical issues, time for lunch. Past time, 1 pm, actually. Lunch with most of my group members, break the news to them (manager has already sent email to my immediate team - I'd told her go ahead and do that).

Back to my desk, clear up some outstanding bug reports, go through inbox and file things, and compose delayed send bye-bye email to the mailing lists to go out Friday morning. Didn't include contact info - anyone who wants it will ask me. I'll give my card to those who need it.

Checked out the new IP cameras in the lab, and have some test case writing to do after I finish this. Am finally back on schedule.
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