Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Prius poll

I wanted to buy a Prius when they first came out, but bought a Corolla instead because:
- Their freeway mileage stats are comparable (Prius is more efficient in stop-and-go & local commute)
- Even at $5 a gallon it would take 17 years for the price difference to be paid off, assuming 55mpg for Prius and 30mpg for Corolla
- Rear sight lines on the Prius are very limited, making driving less safe
- GPS location takes eyes off the road

I love the look, it has more zip than the Corolla, the controls seem easier once you get used to them, and they pollute less.

The software glitches alarming, but IMHO the fact that Toyota has chosen to deny them instead of seriously investigating them is worse than the glitches themselves.

Just curious, because many of you are Prius owners:

Poll #1523452 Prius Poll

I have noticed the following on my Prius:

Vehicle accellerates rapidly under cruise control
Brakes don't always engage on demand
Accellerator pedal sticks
Can't see traffic behind me
GPS is distracting
MPG is significantly less than expected

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