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Chore day

Good thing I didn't need to be anywhere at any particular time this morning because online chatting in bed on my netbook ran an hour longer than I'd planned. Sometimes the person I'm chatting with waits too long to take her clothes off. :-(

Up, showered, dressed medicated, fish fed, out the door at 10:40 at the denture place by 11, where 90 seconds of measuring and grinding totally changed my partial from a ninja shuriken back into a set of usable teeth.

Post office, took off the vacation hold, need to go back tomorrow afternoon to collect the goods, which are stored off-site. Pet Club for four more litterbox inserts (using 2 at a time, that's 4 weeks' worth), then Costco for assorted edibles.

Home, collected all the garbage including the used kitty litter (which I'd bagged last night) and made two trips to the dumpster. The broken suitcase went on the first trip.

Car wash, haircut at Great Clips, Piazza's for high-end edibles. 

Home, caught up on TMZ, The Mentalist & Chuck. Watched part of Oprah interviewing this hot chick who used to be his high school's star quarterback, and is now a lesbian. Isn't that cheating?

Talked to Baltimore sister, who is home because the mayor shut down everything except emergency services. She is still trying to get a flight to Seattle. Tried to call Mom, but her answering machine picked up.

Plans for tomorrow:

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