Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Olympic Proportions

The joke at BASFA Monday night is the summer Olympics are happening right now in Vancouver.

I am totally done with watching the coverage on NBC. Gab, gab, gab. Inane chatter from the not particularly articulate commentators constantly. Watching the first Canadian gold medal presentation, instead of turning up the audio on the audience, which was singing O! Canada with all their hearts, NBC uses the piped in instrumental, talking over it, while showing a close-up of the winner, who apparently doesn't know the words. Truth is he's singing the French version, being from Quebec. Something the droning announcer didn't have a clue about.

I've been disappointed at the camera placements, the often out of sync audio, and not particularly stellar directing. The figure skating seems to have escaped most of the technical issues, but they still have the TMI thing going in spades.

Edit add: Just saw on TV and heard on radio two US Olympic team ads which featured 1-liners from several athletes. They really should not let those people near a microphone.

Domino is pooping on the carpet again. I don't think she's gained any weight this month. Expletive! Probably still has the thyroid problem. Both kitties will be hungry tonight, they get their dental cleanings tomorrow, which requires anesthetic, so no eating 12 hours prior.

Will probably leave work a little early to pick them up. Drop them home, then meet localinactivist for dinner at a new place in Mountain View called Thaifoon. I want to try them out before they go under. It won't be long. They are across the street from two Amarins (vegetarian & normal) and Krung Thai. Between the stupid name and the competition, they are doomed. Maybe. I see they are a franchise chain with locations in Salt Lake City, Scottsdale, and Capetown SA.

Finally hauled a bunch of chewed up textiles out to the dumpster. Next is the moldy air mattress. That would have been too much fun for one night.

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