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A Very Merry Un-Birthday

To a certain apprenticed pirate. Coming up on March Fools' Day. In the Bay Area March comes in like a baby, randomly wet, and goes out like some mostly sunny thing.

In the background am recording a cassette onto WAV files to make a CD for scendan. No spoilers. Will have to finish Tuesday night - since I can't monitor analog input with my current setup, I have to record each side, them split it into tracks. That's about the same amount of work as stopping after each track and trimming. Six of one, as they say.

Finished all the prep for Contact 2010 photos, and will bring them to BASFA tomorrow for maurinestarkey to hold onto till she sets up the show. Also sent my registration in - last year I was pleased to discover that the person who does reg for Contact is an old theater friend.  Last year's display was all about pix from the past, this year all but one of the photos were shot at NASA Ames or at a NASA-sponsored event. Did a little fancy thing with the title cards, made a background out of the Contact logo.

Took my paycheck to the ATM and deposited it. Now I don't have to worry about covering the rent. Discovered I almost painted myself into a corner by paying down one of my credit cards, which had two major trips to Seattle on it. Should have fudged that and left more cash in the checking account.

A friend asked me to help her set up a Skype web cam, and it's been a comedy of errors. First I gave her an old Creative Labs one, which I thought had a mike, but it doesn't. Then in a stroke of genius I gave her one I *knew* had a mike, which her late brother had given me, but it isn't supported in Vista. I also gave her a USB mike to use with the first cam, but she's out of USB ports. So I went to Fry's today and picked up two webcams for her. One is going to be wrapped up and given to her for her birthday Saturday


The other is the same Creative Labs one, except it has a built-in mike. That will be given first, the birthday gift she can use with her laptop.

Also picked up more bizcard blanks, and the re-usable label blanks for the Contact title cards - Needed labels which could be removed from the pegboard when the show was done.

Decided I would rather have a massage than make chocolate chip cookies, so I went to one of my favorites and got some extra time because someone didn't show up for an appointment after mine.

Decided I needed pizza, after last Monday's fiasco. GPS pointed me at a place on Stevens Creek, but it is now a Korean BBQ. Saw an Amici's, so went there. Had not been there before for pizza. Will not go there again. No no no - east coast pizza is not thin and soggy. And the pepperoni is supposed to big big enough to identify. Nice bacon bits, though. The tuxedo cake was dry and frosted with the worst chocolate I've had in ages. A quarter inch of it. Service was excellent, though, so I gave a good tip.

Home, treated the cats to wet food. Domino needs to get more food inside her, and she likes the 9-lives stuff. I give them each half a can, but Pumpkin generally walks away from his after 80% is eaten, and Domino wanders over to finish it.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check out the Campbell Kaiser & pick up some meds

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